Tokyo Canadians Hockey Club

Fit to be Tied

November 25, 2023

by Johnny Upton, Staff Writer


Around 22:00, the Canadians arrived in central Tokyo, prim and proper, hair fluffed, and many presumably wearing TV makeup. It was photo night at Meiji Jingu Skate Arena. After a few laps around the ice, the players wiped the foam from their mouths and seething anger from their faces to pose for photos taken by Ray Naoto Yamaguchi.


Ray is a talented photographer who can make a feral lot of hockey players look polished and presentable. Hours later, after incessant demands for reshoots, close-ups, insistence for better seating positions and the occasional soft box ransacking (all jokes…), the boys, and one woman, were ready to play hockey.


The REDBLACKS wasted no time getting on the board, with a nice feed from Hiroki Iida to Hiroki Yamashita.  Soon after D-man, Noah Honch went Top Cheddar to put the REDBLACKS up 2-0. Despite valiant efforts from the Whites to break through the brick-wall that was Emerson Keung; no shots found the back of the net. As the game progressed the goalies were taking control, as both sides had multiple chances on Takeshi Tatsumoto and Emerson, with no one bulging the twine. Yamashita would eventually skate through the Whites like pylons at a stick-and-puck, to make it 3-0 REDBLACKS.


After multiple drives, Chris Colucci finally got the biscuit in the basket for Team White with a nice backhander to make it 3-1, with assists going to Evan Iverson and Mike LaRose, who was back in action after completing his MBA (Congratulations Mike!). The Whites, smelling REDBLACK blood, continued their comeback. Aya Ikeda, lobbing a shot that managed to bounce past multiple defenders, was then deflected in the goal by Matty O, to put the Whites on the board again, 3-2.


With the speed picking up, Yamashita, yet again, scored to make it 4-2, which was then followed by a clapper from Satoshi Kobayashi, fed from Honch, to put the REDBLACKS up 5-2. The Whites, like feral dogs, didn’t know the meaning of ‘rollover’ and promptly got back in the mix with a give-and-go between Colucci to Eric LaCara, getting on the board to make it 5-3.


Yamashita, just showing off for the cameras at this point, scored yet again to mark four tallies on the night. At 6-3, with fifteen minutes remaining, the Whites had no intention of giving up. Phillip Adams took a shot from the point which ended up on Timothy’s stick for a nice deflection into the yawning cage. The Whites were back in the game. The well-conditioned Colucci, after welcoming daughter Anna Michelle into the world on Tuesday, found the back of the net again, putting the Whites within one goal at 6-5.


As the clock ticked down, and with more glamorous post-game photo shots on the way, White got the tying goal from Jesse Starosta with an assist from LaRose. A shootout was not to be as time expired, and, as we all know, real hockey games sometimes end in ties.


The Tokyo Canadians want to sincerely thank Ray Naoto Yamaguchi for coming out and taking photos of the team. He was incredibly professional and, all joking aside, was able to quickly setup his equipment to provide the team with a proper photoshoot. We look forward to seeing the results of Ray’s photo shoot soon.

Please reach out to Ray Yamaguchi through his website for any of your photography needs.

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Game MVP Award

Tokyo Canadians #11 Hiroki YAMAGUCHI scored 4 goals for the REDBLACKS vs TCHC White

TCHC White






























Upcoming Games

December 9, 2023 TCHC vs. TBD

Time: 22:45~00:15 @ Jingu

December 23, 2023 TCHC vs. TBD

Time: 22:45~00:15 @ Jingu

Upcoming Games are sponsored by: Spike & Ai English

A Night to Remember

November 11, 2023

by Ned Braden, Staff Writer

Tokyo Canadians vs. Mitsubishi

Youth vs. Experience

Speed vs... Wily veteran grit?

Who would prevail in this war of attrition on the weekend we honored our veterans on Remembrance Day/Veterans Day/Armistice Day across the West to mark the end of the “War to End All Wars”? 

Read on to find out.

After a few minutes of probing back and forth, Mitsubishi, in their signature red uni's, drew first blood. After setting up in the zone with some zippy passes, #77 Mori threaded the needle to #22 for a back door tap in. 1-0.

That seemed to light a fire on the hosts, several of whom donned classic remembrance poppies against their crisp white jerseys in a pre-game pic for the team’s social media. 

The Canadians went on to pot the next two to take a two goals to one lead and restore some dignity. The first goal was a solo effort by the Canadians relative newcomer Ryan Kobayashi, one of the few in White who could match the guests in terms of speed and quickness. Ryan got down low and flipped a backhander high cheese over the Mitsubishi netminder's glove hand and into the water bottle. 

The next goal was hard work in the corner by right winger and converted Swedish defender Hans to get the puck to Koby who found Noah Honch creeping in from the point to unload a cannon shot into the back of the net. That goal was answered by Mitsubishi - a blue sweatered ringer drafted from NTT -none other than Matsumoto #13- who would go on to claim the Mitsubishi team MVP honors. He would add another tally in the frame assisted by #31. 

Not to be outdone two TCHC skaters, recently moved to “alumni” status, teamed up on the top line with the centre for white, Chris Colucci, getting on the board after some hard forechecking by linemate Ian Medcalf. Brent “Killer” Carlson got the puck down low and Medcalf found Colucci on the doorstep for the goal. Another pretty setup from Koby to Canadians blue-liner Noah Honch made the score 4-3 for the hosts at the end of the first frame. 

The 2nd period was a bit more subdued affair, with the teams trading two goals apiece: Matsumoto and #00 Murasaki teamed up for a pretty passing play 2-on-1 down low that left the Canadians tender, Tatsumoto, little chance on Murasaki’s first of the game. That goal was followed up up by one from a different #13 - this time in red, Aka-san for his first on a feed from #2 Masuyama to put Mitsubishi up 5-4. 

But the TCHC came storming back. Setting up in the offensive zone, Carlson got the puck to Gritty along the right wall who tapped it on to Colucci who quickly got it back to the point where Killer wasted no time unloading a bullet into the back of the twine. Moments later on the same shift, the same strong work ethic from Ian Medcalf paid off with another assist to his centreman Colucci for his 2nd goal and 3rd point of the night to finish that stanza with TCHC White ahead 6-5.

The third picked up very much where White left off, this time with Medcalf lighting the lamp on a setup from Carlson to Colucci to put the Canadians up by two, 7-5. But Mitsubishi put on their display of speed and agility, with a number of odd man rushes. Timely stick checks from the D helped prevent several of those rushes from getting converted, but the nervous chatter on the bench was all about Mitsubishi’s quick counter attacks and the usual yelling for forwards to backcheck. 

On one rush, Canadians D-man Stevie Faulkner, beaten along the far defensive boards, decided to employ a new strategy - giving the opponent a big hug, then raising his arms as if to say “all’s fair in love and war”… Eventually, Masuyama teamed up again to feed Aka on a nearly identical 2-on-1 down low and another eerily similar feed again from #13 Matsumoto to #00 Murasaki to knot the score at 7 apiece. 

Colucci eventually got his hat trick after his earlier blast from the slot went off Gritty’s stick. He was parked in the crease looking for the tip and angled it just over the goalie’s right shoulder where it clanged off iron, but Colucci stuck with the play and eventually found twine. Matsumoto then answered with his own tally for a "hatty" and things were again tied. 

The Canadians went down a man when Shu took himself out after blocking a shot. He tried to take another couple of shifts but had trouble skating. Would the Canadians be able to bend but not break? 

After Mitsubishi pressed but came up empty handed, Noah Honch then took the puck from the back end coast to coast in a beautiful piece of individual effort for the go ahead tally, with Ryan Kobayashi following suit with another solo effort to go up 10-8. White was feeling cautiously optimistic about their chances as the final frame was winding down, but Stevie, possibly feeling shame from his earlier indiscretion, felt he needed to leave early (or maybe it was to catch his last train home, we don’t know). 

And sensing an opportunity, the guests weren’t going out without a fight. Mitsubishi dug deep, earning their second hat trick of the came from the other #13 Aka san who was left alone in the left circle for a one-time blast on a cross ice feed from the point from #31. 

The suspense built from there as the Mitsubishi Reds tied it once again at 10-10 (football score!) with #34 hooking up on a feed from #22 for his 2nd point of the night. 

Would it end in a truce? A cease fire? Or would one side emerge victorious. The answer was provided as both blue-liners teamed up for assists on the game winning goal - by Chris Colucci - with helpers from Philip Leblanc and Noah Honch, who earned team MVP honors (edging out Colucci, Medcalf and Carlson for their multi-point efforts). 

Honorable mention to Canadians’ goalie Tatsu who faced a veritable barrage from the opposing forces in capturing victory.

Final Score: TCHC 11, Mitsubishi Reds 10

Great game everyone and look forward to seeing you next time!

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Game MVP Award

Tokyo Canadians #6 Noah Honch scored 3 goals and 1 assist for TCHC vs. Mitsubishi

Tokyo Canadians

Tatsumoto, T

Iveson, E

Carlson, B

Hayakawa, S

Faulkner, S

Colucci, C

Anderson, M

Adams, P

Wolfe, E

Hermenius, H

Medcalf, I

Kobayashi, R

Kobayashi, S

La Cara, E

Gritty Sr


#31 Keeper, G

#22 Winger, R

#13 Matsumoto, Blue

#00 Murasaki

#13 Aka san

#34 Winger, L

#77 MORI, K


#31 Defender

Remembrance Day

There are current and former members of the Tokyo Canadians who serve their respective countries. We honour them and their predecessors today on Remembrance Day / Veteran's Day / Armistice Day.

#lestweforget🌺 #remembrancedaycanada #veteransday🇺🇸 #armisticeday🇬🇧

Canadians Triple up on Pirates

November 4, 2023

by Jim Carr, Staff Writer & Play x Play

Final score TCHC 9, Pirates 3

On Saturday morning, November 4th, the Tokyo Canadians took their show on the road for an intense battle with a fired-up Pirates team out in Minami Funabashi at Mitsui Fudosan Ice Park. Chris Colucci led the way for the Canadians with a whopping 6 point (5g-1a) effort. No doubt Colucci was getting his money’s worth of hockey before baby #2 arrives later this month. 

The first period started off rather slow with both sides likely still feeling the effects of the Bunka-no-hi (Culture Day) festivities the day before. Once the Tylenols and/or coffees kicked in, the scoring started up. After executing a perfect 3 on 2, Patrick Adams broke the ice unleashing a top cheddar snipe with assists going to Colucci and Stephen Faulkner. Shu Hayakawa added to the scoring later in the period with assists going to David Shao and Eric “Wolfie” “Wolfman” “Gritty” Wolfe. The pesky Pirates would respond with a couple tallies of their own and the period ended 2-2. 

The second period saw the Canadians begin to tilt the ice in their favor. Colucci would score twice in the 2nd and Ian Medcalf also banged one home. Assists on those goals went to Faulkner, Craig Irish, Mat Matusiak and Hans Hermenius. Recent call-up Emerson Keung looked more and more comfortable in goal as the game went on. The Pirates only managed to squeak one past the netminder in the 2nd and the Canadians ended up taking a 5-3 lead into the third. 

The conditioning work started to take over in the third for the Canadians while the Pirates began to show signs of fatigue. Colucci, with his foot firmly on the gas pedal, racked up a 3rd period hat trick repeatedly leaving a tired Pirates defense in the dust. Paul “Dupes” Dupuis aka ‘the other 24’ added one of his own and Keung shut the door as the Canadians cruised to a 9-3 victory. Third period assists went to Adams with a pair, Medcalf with a pair as well as Brent Carlson, Dupuis, Matusiak and Irish chipping in one helper each. 

It was a great Saturday morning skate and pulling out a victory was the icing (haha) on the cake. Special thanks to the Pirates for hosting. 

The Canadians are hoping to carry their momentum into the next game on 11/11 against Mitsubishi. 

Also, if you haven't yet, please pay your membership dues to Mikael! 

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Tokyo Canadians

Iveson, E

Carlson, B

Hayakawa, S

Faulkner, S

Colucci, C

Anderson, M

Adams, P

Wolfe, E

Hermenius, H

Medcalf, I

Emerson, K

Dupuis, P

Shao, D

Matusiak, M

Irish, C














Jun A.



Game MVP Award

Tokyo Canadians #27 C. Colucci scored 5 goals and 1 assist for TCHC vs. the Pirates

Getting to Know...

is a series of articles about current TCHC members to find out what they are doing outside the rink.

Eisuke SHIMIZU # 39 | GK

In the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, where tradition seamlessly intertwines with innovation, there's a name that resonates both in the world of sports and medicine: Eisuke Shimizu. A dedicated goalie in the hockey rink and a renowned ophthalmologist in the hospital, Eisuke’s journey is a testament to dedication, passion, and the pursuit of excellence in varied fields.

Eisuke's tryst with hockey began at a young age during idyllic summers at Camp Greylock, Massachusetts. While the serene landscapes of Camp Greylock have been a starting point for many, it was here that Eisuke was introduced to the world of ice hockey. Though he did not have the extensive background many of his peers might have had, Eisuke's heart was set on one position - that of a goalie. This early passion, cultivated miles away from his homeland, found its roots deepened when he returned to Tokyo.

Back in Japan, Eisuke's hockey aspirations took shape during his high school years. It was during this pivotal time that he encountered the Tokyo Canadians Hockey Club (TCHC), a meeting that would chart the course of his long-standing association with the team. Beyond the school team, Eisuke's expertise as a goalie led him to serve as an instructor at NPO A.I.S.O., further cementing his commitment to the sport. It was only natural that he would eventually join the Tokyo Canadians Hockey Club, where he has been a stalwart for the past decade.

However, Eisuke's achievements are not limited to the icy arenas. Away from the rinks, Eisuke dons a different kind of protective gear: the white coat of an ophthalmologist. With affiliations to esteemed institutions like Keio University Hospital, Minamiaoyama Eye Clinic, and Yokohama Keiai Eye Clinic, Eisuke specializes in dry eye disease and refractive surgery, ensuring clearer vision for his patients. 

Beyond his clinical work, Eisuke stands at the forefront of medical innovation as the CEO of OUI Inc. This Japanese medical startup, through its pioneering technology, the Smart Eye Camera, aims to significantly reduce global blindness rates. OUI Inc.'s audacious goal to cut the world's blindness by 50% is a testament to Eisuke's commitment to creating a meaningful impact in the medical field.

Watch this short video (2:39) of Dr. Shimizu talking about the Smart Eye Camera developed by OUI Inc.

Yokohama Keiai Eye Clinic:

OUI Inc.:

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The Shu Drops Again, and again and...

October 28, 2023

by Dickie Dunn, Staff Writer

Final score TCHC White 10, REDBLACKS 5

The Tokyo Canadians reconvened for Hockey Night in Tokyo on Saturday, Oct 28 at Meiji-Jingu Ice Arena and were treated to the Shu Hayakawa show, leading the entertainment for the Team White over the REDBLACKS in the final game of the month.

A good turnout drove a solid pace to the game, with both sides trading goals in the initial 20 minutes, seeing the game even at 3-3 after the 1st. With a hat trick for TCHC White, Hayakawa, was flanked by 'Rico' Reay and Jesse Starosta who added helpers to all three tallies.

Hayakawa played like he was shot out of a cannon in his first game back after being sidelined with a broken finger for six weeks.

Starosta suited up again with the Canadians after a nine-year run with the Bangkok Flying Farangs. He played for the TCHC from 2010-2014 before hitting the free agent market and headed for warmer climes. The Canadians needed some more scoring up front and consummated a trade a few days before puck drop.

Rico Reay finally ended his early season holdout and came down from the mountain top, strapped on the blades for Team White, and went to work looking no worse for wear.

The Kobayashis (Ryan and Satoshi, no relation) and Hiroki Yamashita would all add a goal and a helper each to aide in the REDBLACKS effort, but the force of the Hayakawa, Reay and Starosta line had much more to do. Hayakawa added a second hat trick through the next frame, Starosta (5) and Reay (3) giving plenty of assists for their side and the two forwards also added two goals apiece to top out Team White's total at 10 for the night. Chawanya would add a late goal for the REDBLACKS for their fifth tally but fell far short of the White’s offensive onslaught. Final score 10-5 TCHC White. 

Eisuke Shimizu had his hands full battling against his former teammate, Hayakawa, and made some miraculous second and third saves, battling to keep the White team at bay. Nick Fridell for the Team White put up a solid evening in net as well, keeping rebounds out of reach of the REDBLACKS for most of the night. 

The Tokyo Canadians would like to announce their new sponsor, Yokohama Keiai Eye Clinic, and to give a special thanks to Dr. Shimizu for supporting the team. More coming soon about the clinic, but in the meantime please take a look at our Sponsorship page on this site to learn more about the good work done at Yokohama Keiai Eye Clinic and the services they provide, including English speaking doctors.

The next game is on Saturday, November 4 at Minami Funabashi against the swashbuckling Pirates. Until then hockey fans...

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Game MVP Award 

Tokyo Canadians #22 Shu Hayakawa scored a double hat trick to lead the way.

TCHC White

#00 NICK (GK)




#27 E. IVESON (DF)

#44 E. WOLFE (FW)

#47 R. REAY (FW)


#77 R. WOLFE (FW)



#96 FEDE (FW)



#6 N. HONCH (DF)



#10 Mr. OOSAKO (FW)


#33 E. LA CARA (FW)



#58 J. TROST (DF)

#76 P. ADAMS (FW)



Canadians Snuff Out Sparx

October 14, 2023

by Ned Braden, Staff Writer

Final score TCHC 6, Sparx 4.

It was a tepid start to the game, with both teams feeling out the other or everyone waking up from the late time slot.


TCHC took a 2-0 lead midway through the first frame with goals from the rookie call-up Yuki DF and veteran C Colucci.

Sparx came storming back to knot the score at two early in the second period as their youthful exuberance started tilting the ice to their benefit.

Game MVP Colucci found some of that youthful energy, and after a monster shift, he completed a natural hat trick, and TCHC regained the lead at 4-2 late in the second period.

Sensing urgency as they started the third period, Sparx returned strong and tied the score at four early in the period. These goals came after some hard forechecking but also included some controversy: the fourth goal came after a non-icing call with the net off the moorings. Keeper E. Shimizu was hot and let the ref know where he lived, but the goal stood.


H. Yamashita, in only his second appearance after a long injury absence, got the eventual game-winner on a sublime take-a-way on a Sparx defender for an unassisted 5th goal for the team in White. S. Kobayashi got the insurance marker on a cheeky backhand feed from B. Carlson.

This spirited game between two relatively evenly matched teams (despite the age difference) was a great way to kick off the fall season. The TCHC looks forward to the rematch with the Sparx later in the season.


The TCHC has the RED\BLACKS vs Team White on Oct 28, 10:45 pm @ Jingu. We look forward to seeing everyone on the ice. 

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Game MVP Award

Tokyo Canadians #27 C. Colucci scored a hat trick to lead the way.

Tokyo Canadians


#00 Y. SHEEN (DF)

#6 N. HONCH (DF)





#21 J. BOGDAN (DF)


#33 E. LA CARA (FW)



#76 P. ADAMS (FW)

#91 J. FLY (CF)

#96. FEDE (FW)

#2. YUKI (DF)


GK 濱野集 

Center 藤田 慎太郎 

Wing 99. Christopher Ludgate

Wing 富田 有亮 

Center 13. Ryan Kobayashi

Wing Ronny

Wing 飯室大 

Center よしはら あおり

Wing 稲田健司 

Wing 関口龍之介 


Yoshi Onozaka 






Catching up with...

is a series of articles about TCHC alums to find out what they are doing these days.

Neil MOODY #9 | Founding Member


Turning and noticing Lanny McDonald of the Calgary Flames beside me at the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo was a thrill. In Tokyo for the NHL's game between the Sharks and Flames in 1998, Lanny and his famous moustache responded to my comment, recalling watching him play with Darryl Sittler, "you know, we had a blast."


Well, playing for the Tokyo Canadians was also a blast.


Many moments stand out, including the first of a series of fundraising events organized by the TCHC at the Canadian Embassy to help fund the team's overseas tournaments and charitable donations.


Overseas tournaments were something to look forward to. One November, the Tokyo Canadians were in Bangkok for the annual tournament hosted by the Flying Farangs. The rivalry between the tournament's top two teams was always the Hong Kong Select team, made up of primarily Canadian expats and the TCHC. This always led to exciting encounters on and off the ice.


Something was amiss before one of the tournament games. The Canadians waited patiently at their hotel for a pickup to the arena to play the Hong Kong team. The scheduled ride did not arrive, and the team was due on the ice in about an hour. Realizing the dilemma, founding member Neil Moody took matters into his own hands and commandeered a local bus that happened to be passing by, convincing the driver to take the team to the arena. The driver took the tip, and the team loaded their gear and got to the rink just before puck drop.


Many talented players passed through the Canadians' ranks, and playing with them was a pleasure. The whole idea of forming the team was to create an opportunity for Canadians in Japan to continue to enjoy what many of us had been doing since we were kids. Being a team member allowed us to act like kids again by enjoying the game we love – hockey.


Neil was the executive director of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan (CCCJ) during his playing days with the Tokyo Canadians. For the past ten years, he has continued to work as the CEO of the Canadian Home Builders' Association of BC. After back surgery in Japan and his hockey playing days over, Neil has recently started skating at stick and puck at the Burnaby 8 rinks in Greater Vancouver, enjoying that sweaty feeling again - albeit much slower.


Neil has enjoyed watching and supporting his son Davey's hockey journey from the early days of H3 up to playing Junior hockey and winning a division championship in BC with the Peninsula Panthers in 2021-22 before aging out last year with his hometown White Rock Whalers

Coming full circle, Davey, on a recent visit to Japan, played with the Tokyo Canadians Hockey Club and wore Neil's old TCHC number 9 jersey. The dream from the early days of the team's inception has come full circle.

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Catching up with... sponsored by:

The Four C Group KK

Workplace Technology & Consulting

2023-24 TCHC Executive Committee

President - Brent Carlson

Vice President - TBD

Treasurer - Mikael Anderson

Domestic Comms - Shu Hayakawa

Int'l Comms - Stephen Falkner

REDBLACKS get Result

September 23, 2023

by Ned Braden, Staff Writer

Final score TCHC 5, REDBLACKS 5.

There was good attendance for the Fall Equinox skate of September with three sets of forwards and four D per team.

After a slow start for both teams with few chances on net, White got out to a 2-0 lead, led by the lawyer Ian Medcalf, holding court in front of the net. Once the REDBLACKS established its lines up front, they pushed back with more offensive zone pressure. The REDBLACKS Killer Carlson got a puck through the traffic, and Josh Fly could redirect it to put them on the board midway through the first part of the game. However, the White's secret weapon, Yamashita-san, returning after a long-term injury, battled his way to the net and snuck one in to reestablish White's lead by 2 goals again.

Midway through the game, the REDBLACKS rookie call-up Davey Moody, son of a founding team member, Neil, finally broke through after a nice rush with the helper from the always steady Stephen Faulkner on the back end. Moody added his second shortly after that, as White was showing its age and slowing down. White found their second wind and bounced back with Yamashita-san and Medcalf reappearing on the board, establishing another two-goal lead. So it was 5-3 going into the game's final stanza.

The REDBLACKS were determined in the last part of the game and got two goals from Patrick Adams and Timothy to tie up the game at 5-5, both set up by the strong play of Josh Fly. As time was dwindling, strong pushes from both sides to win left some excellent opportunities; the rookie Moody had the game-winner on his tape but was denied by goalkeeper Kanari.

The game finished as a rare tie, fitting given that it was the Equinox. Shoutout to both keepers for making many great saves to keep the games close and competitive. BIG Shoutout to the MVP, Davey Moody, who played an excellent game, and more importantly, it's always great to see the next generation keep the Tokyo Canadians team going.

Lastly, here are some announcements: 

1) We will host the AGM soon; please sign up. This meeting establishes our goals and elects leaders for the 2023/2024 season, so please join! 

2) Our next skates at Jingu are on October 14th and 28th, and signups will be posted soon.

We look forward to meeting everyone at the AGM.

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Tokyo Canadians rookie, #19 D. Moody who scored two goals and an assist.

TCHC White


#2 Y. SHEEN (DF)

#6 N. HONCH (DF)


#9 R. DUKE (DF)





#96. FEDE






#10 P. LeBLANC (DF)

#17 B. CHUNG



#76 P. ADAMS (FW)

#77 E. WOLFE (LW)


#91 J. FLY (FW)

#98. TOMO (FW)


Catching up with...

Rich REAY #47   |  Nickname: "Rico"

Quote: "For the record, Babcock has always been a dick to his fourth liners. I know, I know."

Rico used to play center but now excels on defense; "no further explanation required," he said. He joined the Tokyo Canadians to forge connections with like-minded individuals. His favorite events include team TCHC parties with 100s of guests and the Bangkok Tournaments, which have always been an adventurous experience.

Back in the day Rico played in the BCJHL (now BCHL) for the Summerland Buckaroos and the Kelowna Packers. He also played a season for the University of Lethbridge, coached by the infamous Mike Babcock, hence the quote above and the book written below.

Outside of hockey, Rico continues to live in Chiba, Japan and is the owner and operator of My Tokyo Guide where he runs tours for climbers on Mt. Fuji as well as river rafting and other outdoor adventures.

Rico is also an author with two published books:

Climbing Mt. Fuji: A Complete Guidebook

Babcock's Bench Boy: Beneath the Scowl: The Tale of the Speed Goats

#icehockey #hockeylife #hockeygram #instahockey #hockeyfamily #tokyo #japan #tchc  #TheFourCGroupKK #WorkplaceTechnologyandConsulting

Catching up with... sponsored by:

The Four C Group KK

Workplace Technology & Consulting

Fuji Climb

TCHC Alum Chris Colucci likes to climb mountains. The Sept 2023 holiday weekend he climbed Mt. Fuji.

In recent years he's been to the foothills of the Rucu Pichincha Volcano (altitude 4,050m), Ushuaia, Argentina and to the equator in Ecuador with @jojihiratsuka

Canadians top Mitsubishi

September 9, 2023

by Joe McGrath, Sr. Correspondent

Final score TCHC 6, Mitsubishi 4.

Both teams started out cautious without many scoring chances in the first period, ending 0-0. 

Mitsubishi took a 1-0 lead early in 2nd with a goal by #12 Akai. 

The Canadians stormed back to take 3-1 lead midway thru the 2nd with goals by D. Shao, P. LeBlanc and I. Medcalf. Both teams tallied to finish 2nd at 4-2 TCHC, with B. Wong scoring for the Canadians and #10 Hiroki for Mitsubishi.

In the 3rd Canadians pulled away with two more goals by Shao, a call up centre from the Chiba affiliate, to take a 6-2 lead, before second goals by Akai and Hiroki for Mitsubishi made it close, but not close enough.

Goalkeeper Eisuke Shimizu flashed the leather on numerous occasions to keep the lead for the Canadians.

See you next time!

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Tokyo Canadians #14 D. Shao who scored a Hat Trick, along with his #1 fan, Elliott.

Tokyo Canadians Roster




#10 P. LeBLANC (DF)

#14 D. SHAO (CF)

#18 N. HONCH (DF)

#33 E. LA CARA (RW)


#77 E. WOLFE (LW)

#86. B. WONG


Mitsubishi Stars Roster

#29 SEKI (GK)




#13 HOLTZ (DF)

#25 V. BLUE (FW)

#28 KEY IRO (DF)



#77 K. MORI (FW)

White wins again

August 26, 2023

by Dickie Dunn, Staff Writer

Final score TCHC White 12, REDBLACKS 11.

Last ice of August at Jingu was generally well attended with two sets of forwards per team, three D-men for the REDBLACKS and four D for White. 

White jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead on the strength of center man Colucci’s play, setting up Adams for the ice breaker and a solo effort for goal #2, while the REDBLACKS were trying to sort out lines. After a couple of shifts when they finally got the balance better, the REDBLACKS settled in and things evened out, catching up and eventually taking the lead up 6-5 in large part due to the duo of right wing #13 Ryan’s buzzing speed and center #12 Hide’s driving play, teaming up for four points on the first four goals. 

But White would not be denied, storming back to take a 9-6 lead, again on team MVP Colucci’s hard play, finding Killer for a goal and getting the 2nd helper on a tap in by Mikael to pot Chaw’s rebound. Mikael also had a double-doink from point blank hit the left post, then the right and out. Ian and Shu also picked up a couple goals and helpers for White.

But undaunted, the REDBLACKS found a way to get back in, chipping away at White’s lead. Gritty and Ryan teamed up for a breakaway with Ryan getting loose and firing a slot high glove side, but Eisuke’s quick glove robbed him for what ended up being the save of the night. Gritty also found himself in all alone after forcing a turnover and pushing it through the last D-man but the mitts failed him as he pushed the puck harmlessly into Tatsu’s pad. Koby was all over the ice for the REDBLACKS despite being one of only three D-guys adding two goals of his own.

Eventually, Hide and Ryan combined for all of the REDBLACKS last five goals, but the dagger was provided by Chaw with a tap in from the left post into a yawning cage after the initial save was made on a shot from, who else? Colucci. Gotta tighten up back there, D!

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Tonight’s CELLIANT® MVP award goes to Team White's #27 C. Colucci with 3 goals and 3 assists.

TCHC White Roster




#18 N. HONCH





#76 P. ADAMS


#00 A. IKEDA




#12 HIDE


#33 E. LA CARA


#77 E. WOLFE




TCHC White wins vs REDBLACKS

August 12, 2023

The Tokyo Canadians Team White skated to an 11-9 victory over the REDBLACKS on Saturday night at Jingu arena.

There was a great turnout with 15 skaters for the Whites and 13 for the REDBLACKS. We even got John and Josh from the depths of Kanagawa out to the game ("hard to find ice in the summer time") which means there's no excuses for the other Kanagawans...


Leading the way for Team White was rookie Yoshin T., on loan from the Ottawa Jr Senators. He was one of four former Jingu Jr players in the game last night.

Helping out the scoring for the Whites were Colucci and Medcalf, as well as defender Riley "The Duke" with some slick moves, among others.

Hans "Solo" H. on D for the Whites enjoyed battling with the young players, laughing on the bench when they got frustrated with his veteran "tactics".

Hans' partner #7 had some challenges dealing with the speed of the opponents, specifically the smooth skating, ageless, #51 Naoto. Luckily for the Whites, Naoto spent most of the game trying to set up his line mates for scoring chances instead of shooting himself.

For the REDBLACKS their #12 HIDE (He-Day) led the way in scoring. Me thinks the guy did not see his D side of centre ice the whole game...

The 125 year old combination of Chaw-dog and Joji combined for a nice cross crease passing play which ol' #13 tapped in the empty net. Two-feet with an empty net and Joji is money!

REDBLACKS D-man S. Faulker, with his Brent Burns beard, skated off the jet plane at Narita straight to the rink. He and parter Koby played solid game both offensively and defensively. (Koby plays defense?!?! - in name only...)

Goalers Tatsumoto and Kamari made some fine saves, but, guys, need to close that 5-hole! With the stretch pass in play and the boys in early pre-season 'form' the goalies were hung out to dry on more than a few occasions. 

Shu will send out a message soon regarding the next skate. Expected in the line up are Gritty and Gritty Jr, back from their short-term demotion to the Iron League. Keep your heads up boys, they will be bringing the foil and playing angry.

Until then, stay cool out there.

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Tokyo Canadians featured in The Canadian

Autumn 2020

Our team was featured for marking its 25th anniversary in The Canadian, the quarterly magazine of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan. Click here to read the article in full.