Tokyo Canadians Hockey Club

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Friendly game April

On Sunday, April 24th the Tokyo Canadians played in a practice game against an assortment of players from three teams (Vanguards, Mavericks, and Hasegawa) whose average age hovered around twenty five. The Tokyo Canadians’ average age was a decade plus over that, but that is neither here nor there.

The newest members of the Tokyo Canadians, Kent van Langen, Daisuke Sasaki, and Bryan Norton, suited up for the first time as members. Sasaki kindly played for the opposing team to fill out their lines, a decision we later oh so dreadfully regretted.

The trifecta of TCHC keepers were in attendance. In alphabetical order, Aaron, Ace-k, and Tatsu were all tending net. Not simultaneously of course. You think that is a ridiculous thing to point out, but it was a legitimate question I had to field from my Japanese wife.

The game was mildly eventful, but not so much so that I could make it sound interesting if you weren’t there. The Tokyo Canadians scored a bunch of goals, mostly by Reno De Paoli, one of which he scored by pushing the opposing defensemen’s stick with the puck across the goal. On that play Reno managed to receive a goal and an assist.

Brendan Madden played maddeningly, charging at animate and inanimate objects without discretion, and scored on a beautiful wrap around. Colucci had a wrap around as well, but he cannot attach any adjectives to his own goals.

Our second unit with Ridley, Dupuis, Kurokawa, and both new team members Kent and Bryan, combined for two goals late in the third period, reflecting their determination and stamina.

Despite the picture of onslaught just described, the opposing team scored nearly two goals for our every one. Most of their tallies were from Vanguards’ Issei, Sasaki, and this one kid from Hasegawa. Issei, however, grew up in Canada. Sasaki is technically a member of the Tokyo Canadians. And the other guy I’m sure can at least spell Canada. Considering these facts, all three of those player’s goals should be ours. I think my logic is pretty sound.

In the end we closed the gap and managed to cut the score down to 13-9, or 12-9 depending on your positioning in the rink. Aaron somersaulted to stop a shot that bounced off the post and nestled underneath his falling body. Unbeknownst to him, he assumed it was a goal and swiped a puck out of the net leftover from practice. When he stood, there were two pucks laying in the crease. If you were on the ice you would have missed all of that. From my vantage point at the bench it was clear as day. Or as a clear as the Penguins owning the Rangers in the first round, a little event I was reminded of no fewer than six times.

A special shout out to Tatsu’s amazing glove save on Issei.

See you next time on the ice!