Tokyo Canadians Hockey Club

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Friendly Game vs Maverick

On Sunday, November 15th, the Tokyo Canadians played a friendly match against team Mavericks of the Kanagawa Ice Hockey League.

The Canadians watched the Mavericks take the ice with their captain holding a hockey whiteboard. Either this team took themselves way too seriously, or they were ready for a battle that involved written on-the-fly tactics. At the drop of the puck we learned the latter was closer to the truth. They brought a fast and young team who ate their Wheaties that morning. They were on the board early and often and built up a 3 goal lead, which we all know is the most dangerous lead in hockey.

The Canadians began the game with 5 defensemen, and 2 centers alternating between three sets of wingers. Midway through the first period, defensemen Joel Durkee showed up triumphantly to the bench. He brought with him a skill set that of a natural defensemen, a 17 meter long stick, and one glove. Fortunately, the Tokyo Canadians have each others\\\\\\\’ backs (and hands). For the rest of the game, the defense continued to rotate 5 bodies and 9 gloves.

The pace was quick, the play was clean, and goals were traded back and forth. Eventually the Canadians erased the deficit with goals from Daisuke Tomiyama, Naoto Hamashima, Kent van Langen, Chris Colucci, and Kevin Holt. Kevin Holt\\\\\\\’s goals (yes, plural!) were particularly notable, not because he is a defensemen, and not because he wore a MontrĂ©al Canadians jersey despite being a Rangers fan, but rather because it is Kevin. To you, Kevin, our hat is tipped.

In the end both teams skated to a well-fought 7-7 draw. Not enough of a fight though that we couldn\\\\\\\’t assemble after the game for a group photo. The Tokyo Canadians are looking forward to another friendly match in the near future. Thank you, Mavericks.