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Rematch vs OME club

On Sunday, May 15th, the Tokyo Canadians had a friendly match against Ome Club, a team that competes in Tokyo’s Super League. This is a rematch from our previous game back on January 30th, in which we either won or tied depending on whose set of facts you find most appealing.

Tokyo Canadians Lineup
Goalie: Tatsu
Defence: Rico, Faulkner, Naoto, Yahagi
Line 1: Koby, Kai, Oliver
Line 2: Madden, Daisuke, Reno
Line 3: Chaw, Sasaki, Colucci

Your average Sunday night of shinny invariably includes a smattering mix of the following elements: acrobatic and erratic goaltending, sloppy neutral zone play, shanked shots, blatant off sides that aren’t called, banked posts, thoughts of back checking, and at least one blown 3-on-1. This Sunday night, however, featured laser sharp goaltending, quick puck movement, stellar defensive plays, proper icings and offsides, blocked shots, hard and accurate shots, and back checking. Some would say it resembled a game of hockey.

Reno kicked off the scoring for the Canadians by tipping in Faulkner’s hard shot from he point. Oliver banged home a rebound off Kai’s shot, who himself later scored a goal. Rico had a crafty goal by poke checking the puck off an Ome player’s stick and into the net. Children: do not stick-handle in front of your net when you don’t have to!

If you’re paying attention, the good guys wearing white, the Tokyo Canadians, have scored 4 goals. Unfortunately, the not-good guys wearing purple and yellow, Ome, had scored 5. Credit must be given to Tatsu here though. He kept the score close all night long. At this point in the night Ome had taken an unprecedented 173 shots on goal! That fact has already been verified by three sources.

The Canadians, down by 1 goal with 2 minutes left, sent out smooth-as-silk Reno DePaoli and Brendan Madden, who spent half his energy that shift screaming bloody murder while sprinting from the bench down 200 feet to the ensuing face-off. The tactic(?) served us well though as the bewildered Ome players surrendered the tying goal of Daisuke’s stick shortly thereafter.

Final Score: 5-5