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R&W April

On Sunday, April. 17th, the Tokyo Canadians held their monthly R&W scrimmage at Jingu rink. Note that the following recap has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percent at a 95 percent level of confidence. Good enough for shinny though.

A high level of commitment to the evening was evident from the very start. Guys were already in the dressing room a full half hour before the drop of the puck. Maybe it’s because tax season is over, or maybe it’s the start of the NHL playoffs. Either way there was energy in the air!

Play began evenly enough, with red striking first. A quick tally from Ishii-san, still reeling off the energy from the Bangkok tournament. White then took over, tallying more than a few marks in succession, with guest Issei from the Vanguards leading the charge with a hat trick. Just before his third goal, Issei fired a laser just wide of the night, catching the glass and creating such a deafening noise that even Naoto from the bench said, “Whoa!”

White’s two nicest goals of the night came of the sticks of Madden and Dupuis. Madden finished off a beautiful three way passing play that even left goalie Eisuke standing out of position in admiration. Dupuis, stationed in his office in front of the net, deftly redirected a hard pass from the corner over the goalie’s shoulder just under the crossbar. Somewhere in Buffalo someone made a comment about peanut butter.

The two keepers eventually switched ends, you know, to make it fair with the glare from the position of the sun and all. Red then allowed three goals on three shots across two shifts. Not enough eye black.

At this point White was running away with the game, leading 10-3. Coach Red made a crucial change to his lineup, swapping the two Italians, Colucci and De Paoli, on defense and offense. While seemingly unrelated, this managed to spark Red’s goal production, particularly from Eriksson and Hamashima, who combined for the last four goals of the game. It was a race against time to catch up and the clock eventually won.

Final Score: White 12 – Red 9

Eriksson (2g)
Hamashima (2g)
Ishii (1g)
De Paoli (1g)
Faulkner (1g)
Colucci (1g)
Kurokawa (1g)

Issei (3g)
Tomiyama (2g)
Baba (1g)
Sasaki (1g)
Madden (1g)
Dupuis (2g)
Reay (1)
VanEerden (1g)