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R&W August

On Sunday, August 21st, the Tokyo Canadians held their monthly R&W scrimmage at Jingu rink. Now with Rio over we can focus our efforts on competing in 2018 in Pyeongchang.

With two plus lines per side there were plenty of legs for fatigue not to be an excuse, and as expected, there was an upbeat pace held throughout the night.

The scoring opened on a nice connection between Taro Kurokawa and Paul Dupuis. Taro dipsy doodled in the offensive zone for what seemed to be 45 seconds before firing a hard and accurate pass that was deftly deflected into the top corner by a streaking Dupes. 1-0 Red.

Red then jumped out to a decent lead popping in a few more goals behind White goalie, Takeshi Tatsumoto Tatsu played solid all night long, as did Red netminder Eisuke Shimizu. Eisuke seemed to be the busier of the two goaltenders, though we’ll wait to hear the shot totals from the official statistics bureau later on. The proof may be on his helmet though. A GoPro attached to his brain bucket caught most of the night on 1080 video.

Be sure to check out his page in the near future for a short montage of the night. Don’t expect to see goals though. Rumor has it all goals against him are placed in a special trash bin and burned once every lunar cycle.

Some more goals were scored, none more controversial than Red’s 6th, which bounced away from the net as quickly as it was fired toward it. The call on the ice was no goal, but the call from the White bench was a good goal. After some back and forth banter all the grown gentlemen involved realized that it truly didn’t matter.

New father, Naoto Hamashima, celebrated by scoring a hat trick. Congratulations, Naoto! On the baby though, not the goals. You were going to score those anyway.

A few more goals were scored, but with the fans cheering so loudly it was hard to keep track. We assume Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps had at least one each.