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R&W February

On Sunday, Feb. 21st, the Tokyo Canadians held their monthly R&W scrimmage at Jingu rink. We would like to thank all the extra people spending money by going to the public skating sessions; Jingu can now afford to turn on the lights.

The night began unceremoniously for team white as Tommy led a “Go Team White” stick tap in the crease. Unfortunately only the goalie was there with him, and more out of obligation than by choice. Tommy, your efforts did not go unnoticed.

After 10 minutes of back and forth scoreless play, Mikael of Red broke the deadlock with a short side goal on Tatsu. White answered back shortly thereafter with a lucky goal, bouncing in off an errant pass from Red. Kevin Holt, who was on the bench at the time, amazingly earned two assists on the play.

Red then exploded to take a commanding lead. Five of the next seven goals for Red came off Akira’s stick, the nicest of which came from a Kai assist. He booted down (soccer style) White’s clearing attempt just outside the blueline and led Akira in on a break. Despite the athletic move and gorgeous assist, Kai — uncharastically — had no tallies in the goal column this evening. All Swedish and no ‘finish’.*

At this point Red held a 6-2 advantage.

The shipment of smelling salts finally arrived to the White bench, who powered back to take the lead with two goals apiece from Ralph, Tommy, and Sasaki. One of Tommy’s goals came from an end-to-end rush and a quick and hard wrist shot just over Eisuke’s right pad. An end-to-end rush is certainly admirable, and we were happy to see Tommy score on at least 1 of his 23 attempts.

Eisuke is a serious goaltender, and like all keepers who take pride in their trade, he hates letting in a goal, especially if it’s by Daisuke Sasaki. Of the 9 goals surrendered by Red, only Daisuke’s goals triggered an assault on the boards by Eisuke’s goalie stick. Rumor has it that the shaft cracked a bit. Daisuke will receive a bill in the mail.

Akira’s 5th goal was a trickler that squeezed through Tatsu’s pads and yawned across the goal line. Ralph had the unfortunate timing to be standing in the crease to witness the goal. His initial reaction was to swipe the goal out of the net, but did so while also playing one-man-Toronto-War-Room and declaring it to be a good goal. Honest man.

White now held a 9-8 lead with just under 5 minutes to play. Red enters the offensive zone and takes an innocuous shot at Tatsu, which he gobbles up. A routine stop. 10 seconds seem to pass. Reno then glides in with his stick on the ice and pokes at the loose puck through Tatsu and into the goal. Can we call it a non-goal on a phantom intended whistle? 9-9 is more interesting than 9-8, so we call it a goal and drop the puck. After all, there is only 30 seconds left, we want to maximize the ice time, and everyone feels good about things ending in a tie.

Except Naoto, who buried Red’s 10th and game winning goal just seconds later. If Jingu had a buzzer, it would have been a buzzer beater.

Final Score: Red 10 – White 9
* Joke credited to Tommy Anderson

Note: The following stats are as accurate as your tax return done by a honey badger. In other words, they are probably wrong. Feel free to make corrections in the comments.

Team White
D Tommy Anderson (2g, 1a)
D Kevin Holt (3a)
D Stephen Faulkner (Best Dressed Award)
F Eric Wolfe (1a)
F Ralph van Eerden (2g)
F Chris Colucci (2a)
F Fumiya Uchiyama (1g)
F Kamata (1g)
F Daisuke Sasaki (3g)
G Takeshi Tatsumoto

D Naoto Hamashima (2g, 2a)
D Joel Durkee (Punctuality Award)
D Kai Eriksson (1a)
F Mikael Anders (1g)
F Daisuke Tomiyama (1a)
F Reno DePaoli (2g)
F Satoshi Chawanya (Organizer Award)
F Akira (5g)
G Eisuke Shimizu

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