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Saturday Night Hockey

On Saturday, Jan. 30th, the Tokyo Canadians had a friendly match against Ome Club, a team that competes in Tokyo’s Super League.

Ome Club arrived en masse, with more than 3 lines of players. The Canadians modestly took to the ice with 9. Before the match, the Ome Club captain asked if we were ‘ok’ on player numbers. The question itself was a nice gesture, but there was an underlying tone of skepticism about our 9 versus their 17. While it was true their leg count nearly doubled ours, they did not factor in spirit. The puck dropped just before 11pm.

The ensuing hockey game was a good one. Both clubs did not give the other much room, goals were traded back and forth, and while there was a slight edge to the game, the play was clean.

Reno DePaoli scored 2 goals for the Canadians, while Paul Dupuis and Satoshi Chawanya added a goal each. Chaw’s goal came from a beautiful wrister inside the right circle over the keeper’s shoulder and just under the crossbar. The bulk of the TCHC’s goals came from Naoto Hamashima, who put up 4 beautiful tallies.

If you’re following along with your abacus, that’s 8 goals. We counted Ome Club as scoring 7 themselves. There is often two versions of every story, but you’ll have to check their website for theirs. Listed there may also be alternative high sticking and icing rules.

All in all it was a great game and while 9 vs 17 is not quite like 300 vs Xerxes’ army, it did leave us feeling pretty good on a Saturday night.